Yes! We are ready!

Our brand new activities have started!

FEMALE-POWER.WORKS - training & workshops:





self-defence, mental empowerment & fear reduction - in- 1!


You will not only learn how to defend yourself fysically, but also how to be mentaly strong and how to keep your head cool, so you will be able to react in the right way when you are being attacked in the street (also in case of multiple attackers) 

You will increase your own power enormously! We train with  you multiple self defence (attackt & defence) techniques and help you improve and solve your weak points (mental empowerment)

Besides all of this you will receive many usefull tips & tricks (e.g. for in your bag or jacket) and how to use these in a reflex, when you need it



The next workshops will be given on:


Saturday 23th of April:   girls  (11 untill 15 years)


Location: Gym de Leeuw - Smidstraat 26b, 8601 WB te Sneek, the Netherlands


Sunday 24th of April:     women (16 years and older) 


Location: Gym de Leeuw - Smidstraat 26b, 8601 WB te Sneek, the Netherlands



(soon we will also start with workshops & weekly training for children and other sepcial groups) 


Who are we?

Michel de Leeuw is multiple officially acknowleged martial arts instructor (boxing, kickboxing, knife-fight, stick fighting, pangamut, eskrima,  MMA) and Dutch vice champion Muay Thai and North Stickfighting Champion


drs. Hester Nicolaij has a degree in Human Behavior & Family Psychology and practicing boxing for more than 5 years. Besides that she is practicing knife fighting, pangamut, stickfighting and kickboxing 


Together we have started this initiative and developed this unique Total-Empowerment-Training, to shape you into an optimal mental and fysical condition, so you will be prepared in case you might have to defend yourself on the street. You will then know how to defend yourself and bring yourself in safety


After following the workshop, you can continue following the, so you can professionalise your empowerment  and selfdefence skills!

The entry costs for the workshop are 99,- euro per person for a full day and 49,- euro for half a day

(start 9.30h. resp. 13.00h. untill 17.00h. inclusive (lunch in case of a full day), coffee, tea  and worskhopmaterial)

Max. 12 participants per workshop


The entry costs for the weekly training in Sneek are 25,- euro  per person, per month
(for only 10 euro per month extra, you can participate in all other fight class weekly trainings!)


Do you want to join us? Just send us your email:


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


or just give us a call:


Michel de Leeuw  tel. 0655 718 068

Hester Nicolaij  tel. 0627 621 646